Wednesday, March 11, 2015

About a month ago, I took a trip to the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, near Pasadena. If you are ever looking for a highly scenic and verdant area to relax, this is definitely it. There's a contemporary art museum, a historical museum, a couple of conservatories, and a plethora of botanical gardens (as the name would suggest). Maybe I should just sit back and unplug more often.

top: f21 | blazer: kohl's | slacks: gap | shoes: kohl's | necklace: h&m | bag: tj maxx | lipstick: nyx soft matte lip cream in san paulo
listening to: the pitch perfect soundtrack bc I am trash, young by vallis alps

in my hair were winter flowers
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in my hair were winter flowers

Sunday, March 8, 2015

dark angels charcoal cleanser - lush, $12.95
This month I have been super into skincare, and this cleanser has literally taken my skin to the next level. If you like your face to feel more scrubbed clean, you will be in love with this cleanser as well, however if you like a more soft feeling after you wash your face, you might prefer Herbalism. When I use this after wearing foundation, I literally feel like my skin has been set free. If your skin tends to be dry however, make sure you moisturize after you use this cleanser, as it has tended to dry my skin out a bit.

lost in fantasy body spray - victoria's secret, unknown price
I bought this body spray about 3 years ago on a trip to Las Vegas but I rediscovered it in February. It smells like orchids and fruit in general and it wears pretty well throughout the day.

grease lightning tea tree acne treatment - lush, $12.95
As I said, I've been very into skin care this month, and though I wasn't a fan of this product at first, it has really grown on me. Just a dab on any acne spots at night will dry them out by morning. It's seriously a holy grail item, and I'll elaborate more on a post about my skincare routine, so watch out for that! 

lorac cobra mascara - kohl's, unknown price
I got this in a Christmas gift set, and being severely underwhelmed by the eyeliner included in the set, never really thought to try the mascara out. However I'm absolutely in love with the way it defines your lashes! It's definitely better at giving length than volume, which is nice when you're doing a super linear graphic cat eye look.

nyx soft matte lip cream in san paulo - ulta, $5.99
I am absolutely in love with the NYX soft matte lip creams, in fact, I own three of them, and am always on the hunt for more. Though I resent the fact that the majority of the collection is targeted towards those with lighter skin tones, I love the way this bright pink pops against medium and darker skin tones. It's ultra matte, fades away gracefully, and is quite affordable - what more could you ask for?

lancome rouge in love lipstick in violette coquette - sephora, $29
I saved the best for last, as this is my first high end lipstick and I'm certain it won't be the last. Everything about this lipstick screams luxury, from the metallic packaging to the rose engraved on the back of the lipstick to the smell of rose that lingers on your lips. I'm in love with this violet/purple color too, and the creaminess of the formula makes it perfect for long wear that doesn't ruin your lips.

As for February music favorites, I've been listening to Greek Tragedy by the Wombats to get pumped for their upcoming album because they're one of my favorite artists and they haven't released music in 3 years, so it's been quite a long time coming. I've also been really into Nicki Minaj's entire Pinkprint, ***Flawless by Beyonce, Young by Vallis Alps, and of course Uptown Funk.

What did you enjoy in February?
- Kripa.
february favorites
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february favorites

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

These pictures are actually from winter break, which wasn't that long ago chronologically but feels centuries, maybe millennia, away from where I am now. December and January were months of confusion, hopelessness, anxiety, and  desperation. February seems a lot more promising with a just acquired drivers' permit, an iPhone 6 in my pocket, multiple long weekends, and news of college acceptances just around the corner. 

What are you looking forward to in February?
[photos by Riya Sony]
top & jacket: forever 21 | pants & shoes: kohl's | lips: maybelline color whisper in made-it mauve | sunnies: rose bowl flea

cured my january blues
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cured my january blues

Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm not gonna lie, one of the biggest reasons I got this t-shirt was because my all-time favorite YouTuber danisnotonfire has a relatively similar one. Add it to high-waisted jeans and a blazer, and voila, you look a lot more posh than you feel. 
I'm definitely looking forward to spring (even though SoCal isn't home to the harshest of winters) for the promise of weekend adventure opportunities that always seem to multiply as the temperatures do. Hopefully things are looking up for everyone that's started school again & good luck this semester!

listening to: nighttiming by coconut records, clark gable by the postal service

top: f21 | jeans: urban outfitters | blazer: h&m | boots: h&m | bag: tj maxx | lips: lancome rouge in love in violette coquette | nails: uo dreamy

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Lately, things haven't been looking too great for humans as a whole.
Events like the NAACP bombing, the acts of terrorism in Paris with Charlie Hebdo, and the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn make me wonder if humanity is going backwards. However, I think that if we actively instigate change and teach people about issues of ignorance, we can start going forwards.
I understand that as a "fashion blogger," it might not exactly be my "place" to talk about social issues, at least not on this platform, so I'm going to be moving some of this discussion to my currently-in-progress Youtube channel (link at the top of this page!!) It's going to be primarily lifestyle/comedy/social issues with touches of fashion (haul coming out later this week!!), I guess, but so far, I think I will continue this blog as a fashion blog. :)
I'm probably making these distinctions more for myself than anyone reading this but I guess I'm just one of those people that likes drawing lines - though mine end up becoming scraggly tangled messes instead of clean gridlocks.

collared tank: f21 | sweater: target | skirt: uo | leggings: kohl's | socks: costco | shoes: kohl's
[photos by Zara Orozco]

feels like we only go backwards
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feels like we only go backwards

Friday, January 2, 2015

[photos by Riya Sony]
coat: costco | leather sweatpants: f21 | boots: h&m | bag: tj maxx | lips: revlon matte red

2014 was a crazy year for me (tbh "crazy" might have been my most used word of 2014) and I'm hoping that 2015 is going to be even bigger and better for me, for this blog, and for anyone reading this. Though I'm not the best at following through with resolutions, I'm going to post them here so I feel like I have to hold myself to some standard.

10. Say yes to creative projects!
These photos are from the first shoot I did in months with one of my best friends Riya Sony (@riyasonyphotography on Instagram!) and was one of the first creative things I had done in a long time. In 2015, I want to make it my goal to start saying yes to people and places to broaden my horizons and develop as an artistic and/or creative being.

9. Know when things aren't working for me.
Unfortunately 2014 taught me some things about toxic platonic relationships. In 2015, I want to make sure I leave relationships that aren't helping me grow as a person or teaching me about the world, the people around me, or myself and mean it.

8. Go on a road trip!
I'm graduating high school this June, and for the first time ever, have a completely free summer schedule. This year I really want to take a road trip to San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle with friends. Road trips are part of that proverbial bridge between adolescence and adulthood and contribute to my larger goal of making my life as much like a Wes Anderson movie as humanly possible.

7. Study existentialist philosophy.
I've been in the strange conundrum of being acutely aware that none of my actions have any inherent meaning while realizing that if they have no meaning, I am liberated from any pre-existing decisions and can exist to my fullest potential. This is a tad of a deep topic for this blog, I suppose, but one of my 2015 goals is to read the literature of Camus, Sartre, and Kierkegaard among others to have words to describe this sensation.

6. Get a cartilage piercing.
Pretty self-explanatory.

Finally, down to the big 5.

5. Work out & eat healthier.
Ah yes, the New Year's resolution that everyone makes and no one keeps. Mainly, I'm going to try to avoid the freshman 15 like the plague and start working out, but we'll see what happens.
4. Visit New York City.
There's a good chance I'll either be going to school in the city or living within a couple hours' distance from it, so I'm really hoping I get another chance to experience the Big Apple.
3. Get into college.
Somewhat tied into the last one, I am incredibly excited to begin college this fall. There are obviously going to be some major challenges like being responsible for myself, coping with homesickness, and adjusting to college life in general, but also some major benefits like living on my own, pursuing subjects I'm passionate about, and meeting tons of new people.
2. Blog more.
One of the New Year's resolutions from last year that I was mildly successful in achieving was blogging more. That being said, I am aware I didn't blog at all in December, and often didn't reach my personal target of 4 posts a month. This year, I am hoping that increased time management will allow me to update this blog at least 4 times a month and hopefully collaborate with other bloggers!
1. Start a YouTube channel.
This is the resolution I am most excited about and really hope I keep. I have been watching YouTube for 5-6 years now, and have always thought about pursuing it. Winter break gave me enough time to really appreciate  a variety of influential YouTubers and think about the content I want to create. I am currently not sure whether my channel will be fashion oriented, as I am really interested in the comedy and/or social issues side of things, but now that I've said this somewhere other than my head, I'm going to have to start working towards it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a fantastic 2015!
- Kripa Mehta.

days are gone
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days are gone