Monday, June 9, 2014

OOTD: Rose Bowl Flea Market
11:41 PM

OOTD: Rose Bowl Flea Market

top: urban outfitters | shorts: calvin klein | sandals: payless | sunglasses: rose bowl flea
[galaxy s3 photos by Christine Moreno]

Last Sunday was the second Sunday of June - hence the day of the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena! It's pretty much a huge collection of antiques, furniture, clothing, jewelry, records, knick knacks, etc. being sold in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl Stadium. The last time I went was in September 2012, and quite frankly my first time was a lot better. I saw practically no shoe vendors this time around which made me sad, because I really wanted to buy some docs and/or birks. :/ I literally only bought one clothing item this time around. HOWEVER!! This trip was still amazing because there were lots of well-dressed humans and I did find some jewelry and sunnies, but most importantly I bought my new baby succulents Rose & Leila AND I BOUGHT A POLAROID FOR $20!!! I really wanted one to capture my senior year memories and it's in amazing condition so I'm pretty stoked.
I'll be posting a May/early June haul video sometime in the near future because I've finally got a laptop with a legit editing software & I'm trying to get into YouTube again. 

Stay rad!
- Kripa.


  1. Ahh the Rose Bowl Flea looks amazing, I'll definitely have to visit in July. Maybe I'll be able to score some nice items, that was a really great deal for the Polaroid by the way (:

    not haute

    1. Dude, it's so awesome! I'm planning to go back in August, we should totally go together (:

  2. Really great look, you fit with the flea market vibe hahaah