Friday, June 20, 2014

life's a beach (huntington travel diary)
10:01 PM

life's a beach (huntington travel diary)

Despite having a bunch of summer homework and college applications looming in the distance, life's kind of been a beach for me. Literally. This past weekend I took a break from marathoning Orange is the New Black and went to Huntington Beach for some sun, sand, and strolling.

Lovely fountain at the Hyatt Hotel across from the beach.
This guy is on a 12 foot unicycle juggling 3 bowling pins. His show is called the Uni Pro Show, deffo check out his FB page!
Forever crying over American Apparel pieces (but also their prices.) </3
Cake Batter ice cream w/ Rainbow Sprinkles from Coldstone
top: tj maxx (gifted) | leggings: h&m | sunnies: rose bowl flea


  1. These photos are so cute, Huntington is definitely the perfect place to be in the summer (:

    not haute