Thursday, March 13, 2014

optical illusion
6:49 PM

optical illusion

top: H&M | skirt: urban outfitters | blazer: rosebowl flea market | shoes: aldo
[photos by Riya Sony]

Lately I've been into the idea of print-mixing and clashing, because it's the easiest way to get that whole "look at me being deliberately schnazzy" or alternatively "artsy" vibe. I'm still trying to find the perfect plaid-floral mix a la Dries Noten, but I think the basic black n' white is a good place to start. Stick with one foundational piece that doesn't have a lot going on, for example in this case, the lace tee. Then pick one smaller print (the dotted skirt) and one larger one (the blazer.)
Happy pattern mixing!


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  2. Definitely loving the print mixing! Just perfect :)
    xo TJ