Sunday, February 2, 2014

coachella look 2: young blood
12:21 AM

coachella look 2: young blood

top: random idk | jumpsuit: mama's | cardigan: urban outfitters | boots: H&M | necklace: target
[photos by Riya Sony]

I've been listening to a lot of the Naked & Famous lately, especially the song titled Young Blood. The sound is great, electronica paradise, but lately I've been hung on the words, especially "can't help myself but count these flaws // claw my way out of these walls // one temporary escape // feel it start to permeate." 
A painfully strong wave of wanderlust has washed over me, and I don't think this Coachella series has helped any. I just want to travel and meet people and while this is extremely cliche, I believe you can find yourself through travel. It's not until you see other places with people that don't know you that you realize your unchangeable characteristics, your idiosyncrasies, if you will, that comprise your personality. You know, the one that doesn't shift with location and context. 
Who knows, maybe I will manage to get out more.
- Kripa.


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