Wednesday, January 29, 2014

top: ross | vest: vintage | pants: kohls | boots: H&M | diy floral crown

Today was a minimum day at school, meaning I got to leave at 12, but of course leaving early was counterbalanced by the fact that I have an AP Chem test tomorrow as well as 2 chapters to read for APUSH this week. /sigh Junior year struggles. In other news, I love these pants! It's like wearing pajamas outdoors, and cover the legs while not trapping heat in (necessary for the prevention of heatstroke!!) Also, crop tops are comfortable and easy to move around in (also necessary!!)

- Kripa.

coachella look 1: hella coachella
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coachella look 1: hella coachella

Monday, January 27, 2014

Coachella/festival season is right around the corner, and even though I'm not going to any music festivals myself, *cries in corner* I can always partake in festival style. This week will be entirely devoted to this glorious time of the year, so stay tuned. c:

1. Tartan: A ubiquitous fall/winter trend, grunge is stayin alive, baby. 
2. Kimonos: I mean, who doesn't want to feel like an floating Japanese fairy queen?
3. Statement Sunnies: I like Lennon-like round sunnies, cateyes, and metal-rimmed ones, but as long as your shades are bold, they fit the bill.
4. Overalls/Dungarees: Farmer girl turned NYC chic, I don't think this comfy and durable jumpsuit is going away anytime soon.
5. Skorts: Okay, so I know everyone's already seen the Zara skort 934523 times, but LOOK AT THIS VERSION, C'MON?!?! It's got freaking daisies on it! I think printed skorts are a rad way to stay cute and cool.
6. Runners' Shorts: Are these not adorable?! They're really cheeky if you know what I mean. That was a bad pun, I'm sorry. (no I'm not, SORRY NOT SORRY)
7. Chelsea boots: So while these aren't the most cooling boots, they are the coolest boots I've ever seen. Look at that tread! GLORIOUS.
8. Converse: Though I was not initially a fan of this trend, Chuck Taylors have really grown on me.
9. Backpacks: Bless whoever decided to make this a thing. Combating scoliosis and looking fab while doing it. 

What trends are you looking forward to for music festival season?
- Kripa.

music festival trends 2014
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music festival trends 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

megadeth t-shirt: cotton on mens | skirt: uo | moto: f21 | tights: walgreens | boots: h&m | frill socks: cotton on | lips: rimmel kate moss collection in 12 | nails: f21 in sapphire
[photos by Riya Sony]

Another day, another outfit. Who else is outraged by the trends men hate? Like seriously, the thing that turns me off the most is men telling women how to look. I'm going to wear whatever the frack I want whether you like it or not! Take for example, this outfit ~*casual transition back to the actual subject of this post*~ I think it's pretty rebellious. I mean, black leather and a metal band tee tend to do the trick. Also, if you are a Megadeth fan, before I get flame, I'll admit I'm not a huge Megadeth fan. (but a friend of mine already berated me, so don't get your knickers in a twist.)

Happy MLK day!

coral lips, truthful hips
9:25 PM

coral lips, truthful hips

Sunday, January 12, 2014

[ photos by Zara Orozco ]
tee: zara | pants: h&m | leather moto: f21 | platforms: kohls | nails: sapphire by f21

Now, at first glance, this look seems like it has absolutely nothing to do with the title. However, the title is actually the name of a song from the Arctic Monkeys AM album that reminds me of a biker babe in a red dress and leather moto. I'm not wearing a red dress, but I think this look captures some of the feminine-yet-fierce image. At any rate I'm loving the pattern clash of this Zara tee and these H&M pants! If you're a monochromatist, adding different textures and prints spice up the ensemble, because black is never boring. Which reminds me, my resolutions this year are to wear more color (lolololol), blog more, and stop comparing myself to others.
What do you all hope to accomplish in 2014? 
- Kripa.

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