Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Gift Guide
11:52 AM

The Gift Guide

A whiff of peppermint, a flash of red and green. Sprigs of mistletoe pop out from the most unsuspecting of ceilings, santa hats a prevalent topper. IT'S CHRISTMAS! But the semi-stressful part of Christmas? The gift-giving. And, as there's 3 days left, you better hustle if you want to be the season's greatest gifter. Here are some ideas if you're stuck in a rut!
1. The reader: For the person whose nose is always in a book. Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange a classic, and the question of self-identity and what it truly means to "be yourself," always makes for a riveting read. 2. The indie fanatic: For the person who always rattles off the names of bands you don't know. Who couldn't appreciate the leather-jacketed smoothness of the Arctic Monkeys' AM album ($11.99)? 3. The caffeine fiend: For the person who can't live without their daily jolt. This cute antler printed mug (, $16) is sure to start the morning off right with a cup of joe, or end the day in bed with a cup of tea. 4. The beauty queen: For the girl who can't leave the house without her heartbreaker red lipstick. This Pur lipstain (Kohls, $15) will probably last longer, and red nails (Essie's Thigh Highs, $8) are a classic. 5. The sartorialist: For your fashionista friend. These adorable loafers (Asos, $13) will go with anything she puts together and keep her comfy too! 6. The mathlete: For the smarty-pants with a flair for organization. This Easy as Pi pencil pouch (Modcloth, $20) would be quite the treat, as she'd probably have fun solving the equations on the outside too. 7. The guy indie fanatic: For the guy you'd already lied about listening to a band to. Impress him further by listening to the band, then buying him the artist's shirt. 8. The future cat lady: For your favorite cool cats. You can talk about how much you hate people in it! Electrifying! 

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!,
Kripa Mehta.


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