Saturday, December 14, 2013

it isn't black and white, darling + ya homme girl launch!
5:03 PM

it isn't black and white, darling + ya homme girl launch!

top: target | pants: jcpenney | jacket: local store | shoes: deena & ozzy brand, via burlington

Yo, what up, it's Kripa! Long time no blog, I know, but I'm here now, and I'm relaunching this blog as Ya Homme Girl! If you're a little Fran├žais-savvy, you'd know that "homme," means man in French. The juxtaposition of "homme girl," is a reference to my love of androgyny in fashion. But wait! Of course we couldn't stop at one layer of meaning, so the pronunciation "home girl," is a tribute to my LA hometown and its gangster slang. 
Aaaanyways, onto the outfit! These pants were a Black Friday buy, and I love them to death. They're reminiscent of the infamous Philip Lim SS13 plaid (far right), and this clean minimalist print will be great for the winter and spring. Also, because black and white can be boring, I added my metallic holographic creeper-platform shoes (wow that's a mouthful!) They are quite literally EVERYTHING, and every time I wear em out I get compliments. They're by the brand Deena & Ozzy, and I'm pretty sure they were sold at UO at some point in time, but I got them at Burlington for only $13, which was quite the steal.

Hope y'all are doing well & good luck with finals!
Kripa Mehta.