Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oxblood with a Twist
12:26 AM

Oxblood with a Twist

Oxblood has been a major fall/winter trend, and is appearing pretty much everywhere. This is a pretty simple nail tutorial for a pretty simple look that's trendy but unique.

First, paint your nails. You can use whatever color you'd like, but I used oxblood/maroon, and the nailpolish is Avon's Nailwear Pro+ nail enamel in the shade Racy. (It's currently on sale for $3.49!) A little review, I love this nail polish! I would have preferred a more purply shade, as it does look more purply in the catalog, but it's opaque after one coat, and has excellent lasting power! If you want to go for a more wintry look, however, try Essie's Wicked.

Because I'm pretty bad at painting my nails, I use this Sephora Nail Corrector to clean off excess polish.

You can use any color you'd like for the accent, but I chose black because it's more autumnal. Make sure the first color has dried completely, then starting at the middle of the nail, drag the brush from middle to tip to create the accent. If you have a striper, you can use that to clearly define the accent's base.

And here's the completed look! To make it last longer, add a top coat once the accent color dries completely. Some other color variations I'm thinking of trying include mint base with lavender accent, black base with white accent, pale blue base with shocking pink accent, and white with gold accent.

Let me know if you enjoyed the little nail art post, as I'll try to start making this more of a fashion and beauty blog!
As always, thanks for reading & hope you have a great weekend!,


  1. I love the colorblocking <3 I stay away from dark polish because my fingers are already short :/ but ah this is so pretty <3

    1. Thank you so much! <3 D; Awwwh. Have you tried the inverse mani thing to make them look longer? :o