Saturday, October 19, 2013

fall fridays: summer to fall transitions
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fall fridays: summer to fall transitions

Ever have those summer clothes that you just love to bits and pieces? You don't have to store them away for winter, just layer them up! These are some of my favorite summer trends that I'm still going to be rocking in the fall/winter months.


In the summer, I like clean, minimalistic shapes, essentially clothes that are somewhat preppy/fresh/hamptons but simultaneously possess street vibes(?) In fall, I make a complete 180 to supremely grunge looks. This neon clutch is accented by the citrusy sandals in the summer look, and adds a pop of color to the otherwise all black fall/winter look. To layer it up, add a chunky cardigan, flannel, or fur gilet.


Crop tops are perfect for days where comfort is the number one priority. In the summer outfit, I paired this pizza one with a pvc skirt to add some textural contrast. Since it's colder in the fall/wintertime, I layered the crop top with an oversized flannel and woolen harem pants. I'd recommend investing in some fleece-lined leggings to wear under all fall//winter pants to retain more warmth.


I saved my favorite for last. In the summer outfit, the heathered gray crop top and snapback make the entire outfit quite casual. For winter, I've been obsessing over everything Kenzo, and this sweater is no exception. It blends seamlessly as a solid to the printed dungarees, and adds visual interest to the primarily monochrome outfit. To layer it further, add a leather jacket or leather bomber. 

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