Sunday, October 13, 2013

fall "fridays": inspiration board
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fall "fridays": inspiration board


kill mean girls.▲ | via Tumblr on We Heart It
Hello! This week's "fall friday" is actually being posted on a Sunday, because ugh life. This mood board progresses with the seasons, starting with warmer fall tones, then shifting to icier winter whites. I like to call this time "leather jacket season" simply because I get to wear mine out and few things make me happier. It's already getting colder her in SoCal, and I hope we continue this way.
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P.S: I apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately, but it's honestly been pretty difficult to juggle my school/marching band schedule, so things might be a bit iffy. 
**disclaimer: none of these are my photos, and if you know their owners, please let me know and I'll link back. c:

I want to make a Vampire Weekend version of this jacket, I just don't think I'm that talented. ;;


Ashish LFW S/S 2011


 (by victoria//grout)