Sunday, September 8, 2013

there is a light that never goes out
9:04 PM

there is a light that never goes out

top: kersh (via costco) | harem pants: kohls | denim button-down: image | spiked bracelet: h&m | doc martens: rose bowl flea market
[photos by Riya Sony]

Hello loves, 
I am a bit behind on my blogging game, but I've managed to get a post in for this week. School's been crazy, as expected, but I digress.
This outfit reminds me of that Parisian minimalism of bloggers like Lisa Dengler and Dentelle Fleurs. I love out-there looks too, don't get me wrong, but there's just something so fresh about a combination of clean stripes and denim. Maybe we need some of that simplicity in day to day life. ('scuse the random philosophical tangent.)
I basically spent several eternities searching for these harem-esque pants, and I was so stoked when I finally found them at Kohls for $7. They're essentially a luxe version of sweatpants, and practically go with everything in my closet. What are your go-to pieces? 



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