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STYLE PROFILE: not-haute
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STYLE PROFILE: not-haute

top: pacsun | skirt: urban outfitters | sandals: faded glory | arm candy: olvera st, f21, disneyland, gifted

Hello all!
So today, I've got an interview + style profile of the lovely ladies from not-haute, Ashley & Maya! This has been in the works for quite some time, so I hope you enjoy.

cardigan: her sister's | skirt: free people | shoes: minnetonka moccasins

tank: f21 | shorts: f21 | cardigan: hollister | shoes: converse | sunnies: target

sweater: h&m | vest: gifted | skirt: 3b | shoes: minnetonka moccasins | watch: gifted

top: f21 | maxi: mono b | shoes: converse | sunnies: aldo

tank & skirt: f21 | cardigan: gifted | boots: gifted | socks: stance

1. How would you describe your styles?
Maya: This question is always extremely tough for me to answer. I think it is for everyone. My style is a conglomeration of what I find inspiring. I don’t really like to categorize my style into one box because it doesn’t really fit into one type of style. My style isn’t “vintage” or “punk” but if I find elements from each of those genres to be inspiring and/or versatile, I’m not going to pass up on it simply because it isn’t part of my defined style.
Ashley: This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because I’m not too sure how I would label my style. I’m at that phase where I cringe at the outfit I was so proud of a couple weeks ago, I feel like my style is always changing around. I really like to experiment with different trends and various ways of dressing, but when in doubt, I always default to a bizarre mix between a laid back California vibe and what I think is a cool East Coast look.
2. Who are your style icons? (celebrities and/or bloggers)
M: There are so many to name because I like to find inspiration from everywhere! If I had to narrow it down, I would probably have to say Vanessa Hudgens and Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters. I love how both seem to create outfits so effortlessly and still look great.
A: I really admire Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie because she’s so unafraid to wear what she wants to wear. If I had to describe her in a phrase, I’d call her the original hipster. I feel like she’s the one who really sparked the whole “wear whatever the hell you want to wear” trend. I can’t pull off half the stuff she wears, but I’d really like to emulate her boldness and attitude in my style.
3. What are you most looking forward to for AW13? (fashion or otherwise)
M: I actually haven’t really looked into the upcoming AW13 trends but one that I do know of and am looking forward to is the darker, heavier colors. I know that most winter fashion is made of dark colors but if you go out now, or even in fall, in all neutrals and blacks, you’re bound to be questioned. Plus, it’s very hard to look bad in dark colors.
A: I’m really looking forward to experimenting with layering. I usually stick with a simple hoodie and skinnies when it comes to really cold days, but I’m really excited to go a different route and test out some more stylish outfits for the cold weather.
4. Why did you start a fashion blog?
M: I’m not going to lie but I actually started Not Haute because Ashley asked me to. However, I have always loved reading fashion blogs and loved the idea of actually starting one. I’m not a big instigator so when Ashley asked, I was completely willing.
A: Well I actually started a fashion blog in 7th grade because I totally thought that wearing red Aeropostale hoodies and striped knee socks were the pinnacle of private school fashion. I was actually about to be accepted as a style blogger for Claire’s (which was kind of a big deal to me at the time) when my mom found my blog and decided that I was “too young” to be posting photos of myself on the internet. After that, I just shoved away the idea of a fashion blog until sophomore year in high school when I started to become inspired by other fashion blogs. So I asked the most fashionable/chill person that I knew (aka Maya) and here we are!
5. How has fashion blogging changed you/what is its impact on you?
M: It’s only been a couple of months (and I took a minor break) so I can’t really write a novel on how blogging has changed me. It has allowed me to find something I really enjoy though and it also made me a bit more conscientious when it comes to picking my outfits. Hopefully, in the next few months, I and our readers will see some more evolution!
A: I’ve started paying closer attention to what I wear on a daily basis. I know this sounds weird, but before blogging, I was really lazy about dressing for school and I’d usually throw on a college hoodie and a pair of skinnies before heading out the door. Not to say that I don’t have those days once in a while, but I’ve been dressing up a bit more when I head out the door (sometimes just because I know there’ll be an opportunity to shoot my outfit for the day). Also, I’ve learned to appreciate the versatility of clothes, I dug up several pieces that I’ve been planning to throw away, but I realized that they could easily be reworn or DIY’d to fit my current style.
6. Are you looking to be involved with fashion in the future (career, hobby, etc.)?
M: I always ask myself this question when I think about college and the future in general... which is everyday. I love fashion and the idea of expressing oneself through clothes but I’m not sure if a career in fashion would satisfy my family  me. It’s the sad truth. However, fashion will always be one of my hobbies and I would love to have a side job related to it.
A: Hmm, it’s definitely something I’m interested in. If I end up going to college in New York, I’ll probably seek an internship at a magazine like Seventeen, Teen Vogue, or maybe even Vogue but the fashion industry is pretty saturated at the moment and to be a full-time blogger requires a lot of risk and hard-core dedication, but I’m leaning towards seeking a job in the fashion industry that relates to business.
7. On a less serious note, who is/are your favorite band(s) and/or artist(s)?
M: Ahh another tough question! I’ll give you my top 5. Florence and the Machine, Young the Giant, The XX, Daughter, and Bon Iver are some of my favorites. FATM and Young the Giant are probably the first bands I truly fell in love with though.
A: I’m a huge fan of boy bands. My current obsessions include IM5 & One Direction (of course.) But other than boy bands, I don’t really have a particular favorite band/artist; I listen to whichever song catches my interest really. Some of my most played songs at the moment are: Mason Jar by Smallpool (Maya recommended this, she has the best taste in music), Summer Love by Justin Timberlake, Red Lips by Sky Ferreira, What Is This Feeling from the Wicked soundtrack (aka the best musical soundtrack ever), and Fall Out Boy’s album Save Rock and Roll.
8. What are your favorite movies, and why?
M: One of my favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer. I have watched it several times and it can still make me bawl like a baby. Although I strongly disliked how Tom victimizes himself and puts Summer on a pedestal, I loved their relationship and connection. I also may be in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. The Breakfast Club is another favorite. It’s just a great, coming of age classic that I believe we teenagers can, in some way, relate to.
A: All time favorite movies has to be the Harry Potter movies, hand down. I’m a total Potterhead. I’ve watched so many movies and, I’m going to be honest, I love pretty much everything I watch. One that I particularly remember is Crazy Stupid Love, which has to be the best romcom that I’ve ever watched. Oh and I just watched Sea of Monsters which is the second movie in the Percy Jackson series and even though I was disappointed in how it didn’t follow the book all that well, I still really enjoyed it and any movie with Logan Lerman in it is a winner. He’s the master of awkward sass.
9. Do you have a favorite designer or designers?
M: Elie Saab has the most beautiful gowns hands-down. His gowns have rendered me speechless. I also think Alexander McQueen will always be a phenomenal designer. I really enjoy Betsey Johnson’s designs; they’re fun to look at!
A: I just recently started paying attention to more high-end fashion (even though it’s way out of my price range) but I really like Alexander Wang & how his pieces are always so sleek and clean. I also adore Alice + Olivia, the name is really cute and bubbly and their pieces are very chic and effortless.
10. Last but not least, what's your advice to other novice fashion bloggers?
M: I think it would be to stay true to your style. I find that a lot of big time fashion bloggers own a lot of the same items. They all seem to have the same style and conform to each other. Don’t conform to the standard of style you may see often (unless that IS your style which is totally cool!) Also, don’t be afraid of what you like and how you wear it. I still find myself very insecure about my style but I think everybody kind of does and it’s totally normal. If you want to wear harem pants or jelly shoes or floral crowns, go ahead and bask in the judgement. People are just jealous that you’re more confident than they are!
A: Actually, I count as a novice blogger because Not Haute has only been up for five months. But my chief advice is to remain true to yourself. It’s such a cliché tip, but I’m pretty sure that’s what you’d get from most other fashion bloggers, famous or not. From my experience with reading others’ blogs, you can tell when someone truly enjoys what they do and when they’re just putting on a façade. Plus, if I’m going to be spending time reading someone else’s blog, I don’t want to read what seems to be an exact duplicate of Rumi’s latest post or see what looks pretty much like what Kelly from The Glamourai just wore. Being yourself just makes your blog all the more genuine and I believe that that’s part of what makes other bloggers want to collaborate with you and what convinces people to continue reading your blog.


Once again, thanks a lot to Ashley & Maya from not-haute! Be sure to check out their blog as well as on Instagram @nothaute. They're also hosting a guest blog by me this week, so stay tuned! <3
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