Wednesday, August 14, 2013

cause you and i, we were born to die
6:18 PM

cause you and i, we were born to die

dress: tj maxx (similar) | sandals: tj maxx | diy flower crown | nyx soft matte lip cream in monte carlo

Now, as a misanthropist, I generally don't interact with humans too much, but I did go to my best friend's sweet 16 last weekend. The attire was semiformal, hence the dress. I don't wear dresses too often, and I don't consider myself girly by any means, so when I wear one, it has to have some edge.
This dress definitely serves it up with a black leather bodice with an exposed zipper on a chiffon waterfall skirt. For extra oomph, I added this DIY floral crown inspired by the queen herself, Lana Del Rey
For those of you planning to make flower crowns before the summer ends and school starts (it started last week for me though ugh), be careful. I'd start with simple flowers like daisies or baby's breath first, because you can easily wrap them around a base. This rose crown is ridiculously difficult to make in the first place, and I'm not artistically talented, so you can imagine how that went. My supremely artistic friend had to help me out. ;A;

Enjoy the summer before it's gone, y'all.
Unless you're in SoCal like me, in which case, prepare for the heat of Mordor.
(congratulations to you if you caught my reference.)
- Kripa.

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