Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Since I don't have practice today, I thought I'd put together a wishlist & playlist. The wishlist can be interpreted as outfits or individual items, however you want to see it. The playlist is a mix of a couple songs I've been dying over lately. I designed it as study music, but I mean, it could double as procrastination music too I guess.

Happy Hump Day,

happy hump day!
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happy hump day!

Friday, August 23, 2013

top: zara (similar) | denim: walmart | jacket: christian siriano (via sam's club) (similar)

So, Riya and I kind of had to creep on other peoples' doorsteps and yards to take these photos. I was so afraid that someone would just open the door, and we'd be caught like deer in the headlights. Luckily, we managed to get out before anyone noticed us. A lot of the photos came out pretty silly, because we were both exhausted after school, and were scrambling to finish homework before we left for marching band practice. 
I honestly wear nothing but black. I'll say as many times as necessary, since there's no point in hiding the truth. However, I absolutely fell in love with this striking cobalt blazer! It enlivens my dully dark ensembles, and makes even the most casual outfit somewhat dressy.
I also luuuuuuuurve this Zara tee! I picked it up during my day trip in Santa Monica. This is my first purchase from them, because I am a broke high school student, but it's so soft and the felt design is really lovely. Plus, it's nice and light, so I can wear it even in this scorching heat. 


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dress: tj maxx (similar) | sandals: tj maxx | diy flower crown | nyx soft matte lip cream in monte carlo

Now, as a misanthropist, I generally don't interact with humans too much, but I did go to my best friend's sweet 16 last weekend. The attire was semiformal, hence the dress. I don't wear dresses too often, and I don't consider myself girly by any means, so when I wear one, it has to have some edge.
This dress definitely serves it up with a black leather bodice with an exposed zipper on a chiffon waterfall skirt. For extra oomph, I added this DIY floral crown inspired by the queen herself, Lana Del Rey
For those of you planning to make flower crowns before the summer ends and school starts (it started last week for me though ugh), be careful. I'd start with simple flowers like daisies or baby's breath first, because you can easily wrap them around a base. This rose crown is ridiculously difficult to make in the first place, and I'm not artistically talented, so you can imagine how that went. My supremely artistic friend had to help me out. ;A;

Enjoy the summer before it's gone, y'all.
Unless you're in SoCal like me, in which case, prepare for the heat of Mordor.
(congratulations to you if you caught my reference.)
- Kripa.

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cause you and i, we were born to die
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cause you and i, we were born to die

Friday, August 9, 2013

top: image; bottoms: h&m; satchel: marshall's; oxfords: gifted
some waterfall idk
 multnomah falls
 mountains next to bonneville dam
photogenic flowers woohoo
 river hood, over which you can see the beautiful state of washington.
this ice cream was freaking delicious. can you believe this was a size small?!

flowers at the washington park rose gardens
lotus at washington park japanese gardens
foliage at japanese gardens
cute illustrations at potbelly's, an adorable downtown portland sandwich joint
 selected downtown portland highlights

another traveling outfit
top: gifted by cousins
flannel: kohl's
denim: calvin klein (via costco)
belt: marshall's

So here's the second, and final, part of my trip to Portland/many other places. Oregon is a lovely state in that there's a great abundance of natural beauty. There are multiple lakes, falls, dams, mountains, valleys, and lush, lush fields. As a SoCal girl myself, it was a different experience. I absolutely adore the way the photos of Multnomah Falls came out, as the natural bokeh is FABULOUS. The sun was basically directly above the falls at that point in time, so it was pretty hard to avoid the effect (but who would want to, it's so darn cool.)

When we went to Bonneville Dam, there were lots of informative guides who told us the history and the workings of the turbines that generate hydroelectric power at the dam. Quite close by was River Hood, over which, you could see Washington. There was also an adorable ice cream stand nearby where I got this insanely huge cone!

The next day, I experienced the city of Portland itself. We checked out Washington Park first, a nice park a little ways away from downtown Portland. Within it are various subgardens, such as the International Rose Test Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. The International Rose Test Garden is essentially an arboretum and lab in one, as new breeds of roses from all over the globe are grown here to be monitored. The Japanese Gardens were designed to look like traditional Japanese zen gardens, complete with Japanese pagoda structures, stones, and dense foliage.

Afterwards, we had lunch at a sandwich joint called Potbelly's. To my fellow vegetarian friends, their vegetarian sandwich is HEAVENLY. Once we had finished gorging, we took a bus trip around the city. I tried to get some various shots to create a "sampler pack" of sorts of Portland's atmosphere. Portland has its own Broadway, many flowers (and pets), 9 bridges, intricate buildings, and many fantastic hipster coffee shops. I hope to go back sometime in the future. Keep Portland weird, as they say! <3

Finally, since the last two days were just spent traveling back home, I thought I'd give you a sense of what I wear traveling: a comfortable tee or tank and trusty denim.

Thanks for reading (& being patient),

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