Tuesday, July 16, 2013

time keeps flyin' by
12:43 PM

time keeps flyin' by

On a family trip through Morro Bay/Goleta/Santa Barbara, we stopped in a lovely town called Solvang. It's a Danish town, so all the bakery goods/gifts/etc. are themed to reflect the city's heritage. We were rushing through the city, because we were trying to get back home (4 hours away), so I didn't get too many full outfit shots, but I tried to make up for it with more detail shots and a shot of some lovely flowers that kind of match my pants? xD 
This outfit is essentially my traveling uniform; the jeans are soft and extremely comfortable, the shirt is very light, and the satchel is huge so as to accommodate all of life's necessities. 

top: company (that's seriously the brand's name c;)
jeans: kohl's
satchel: marshall's
oxfords: gifted


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