Sunday, July 21, 2013

show your stripes
8:36 AM

show your stripes

photo creds: Riya Sony

Yeah, I realize I have no makeup on, but it's summer, and it is freaking hot. Apologies if I look a little disheveled, as Riya and I took these photos right after drumline practice. x__x; As the summer drones on with its ceaseless heat, I find it necessary to dress simply to keep cool. I love the way the cobalt stripes pop against the mint shorts, and the Sperry-esque shoes give the outfit a preppy feel. These shorts are a size too big for me, hence the belt.
I hate California weather.

top: costco
high-wasited shorts: calvin klein (bought from sam's club though)
fake sperry's: margaritaville (bought from sam's club)
belt: marshall's


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