Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ROAD TRIP pt. 1: San Jose (CA), Stanford (CA), Berkeley (CA), Metford (OR)
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ROAD TRIP pt. 1: San Jose (CA), Stanford (CA), Berkeley (CA), Metford (OR)

outfit @ stanford
top: rose bowl flea market; leggings: kohls; bag: marshall's; lips: revlon just bitten kissable lipstain in 005 crush
hoover tower @ stanford
cathedral @ stanford
goodies from douce france (an adorable joint close to stanford): grilled vegetable panini, mixed berry tart, chocolate-coated lemon cookie
t-rex skull at uc berkeley
random building at uc berkeley 
driving towards metford, oregon (oregon is such a pretty state!)


flowers @ crater lake visitor center
crater lake
wizard island in the middle of crater lake
peace from crater lake

I apologize for the lack of postage lately, but as made evident by this post, I was in San Jose/Metford/Portland last week, therefore was without consistent Internet access. However, I am here now, and posting should be relatively regular* from now on.

ANYWAYS, we drove to San Jose, and stayed there for two nights. On Day 1, we visited Stanford as well as a place called Winchester's Mystery House, which I have no photos of, as they have anti-publication policies. It was huge and absolutely insane, for a lady named Sarah Winchester kept constructing the house for most of her life. She thought that the spirits of people killed by the Winchester gun (her husband's company) were coming for her after the untimely deaths of her newborn daughter and husband. Someone told her that if she continued to build the house forever, the spirits would be kept away. She also fortified the house with "booby traps," such as windows in the floor, to confuse the spirits.

On Day 2, we visited UC Berkeley, or Cal, as it is commonly referred to. It's an absolutely lovely campus, though the surrounding city of Berkeley is somewhat frightening what with the high concentration of hippies. We also went to UC Davis, but I didn't find the campus that enthralling.

Coming to Day 3, the final day of this part, we left Davis, CA for Metford, OR. It was quite the drive, but I think it was well worth it. Oregon is absolutely gorgeous, with so many dense forests and pristine lakes (which there will be more of in tomorrow's post about the following 4 days.) Though it was a slight detour, we arrived at Crater Lake, OR, which was essentially the bluest lake I have ever seen. 7 million years ago, a mountain erupted, spreading ash as far north as Canada and as far east as Montana. Over the years, the crater left by the mountain gradually filled with water,  and from the chaos rose this serene lake.

Hope you enjoyed this travel type of post, and stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

*regular, meaning that I'll try to have one post every week, but the day of the week may change because school is starting next week (ugh.)


  1. woah it's so pretty there! Looks like you had a great trip :) I love your top in the second outfit <3

    1. Yeah, it's absolutely gorgeous there! c: Thank you. ♥