Tuesday, July 9, 2013

red, white, and blue (subdued)
12:42 PM

red, white, and blue (subdued)

I dearly love Americana, but I feel like 4th of July outfits can get tacky if overdone. I wanted a more subdued approach, so I just went with a classic white and blue striped tee and maroon skinnies. To add a little pizazz, I suppose, I tied the tee into a 90's knot. For outerwear, I had to do some layering with my leather jacket, because I was in the Bay Area of California (which is relatively cold.) I also chucked on some sunnies, because I absolutely loathe the bits of nature that seem to attack your retinas when it's windy out. Also, since I was traveling, I took these extremely comfortable nude oxfords that magically seem to go with everything. 

This however, was not my original outfit idea. I was going to wear this striped tee with maroon high-waisted shorts, black thigh highs, Doc Martens, and a patterned headwrap, but the weather in Morro Bay would not exactly cooperate, so there you have it.

p.s.: I'm not exactly sure why I'm finding all these primary colored walls, but I guess for someone that'll wear black until they invent a darker color, it provides a nice contrast.

striped tee: costco
skinnies: h&m
leather jacket: that one local store OTL (sorry this jacket keeps showing up in every outfit post)
oxfords: gifted
sunnies: some pharmacy convention