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Outfits for Summer Festivities
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Outfits for Summer Festivities

So I was recently invited to my best friend's sweet 16 party, and a horrifying thought occurred to me: what am I going to wear?! Even though we're almost midway through July, I thought it would be a grand occasion to create outfits I'd wear to various summer festivities. I actually do not have any other major get-togethers lined up besides the aforementioned, but even if I did, summer homework for 4 out of 5 AP classes I'm taking next year, marching band/drumline practice, and SAT prep would probably eliminate my chances of attending them. Anyways, hope you garner some inspiration~

casual get together
This is an outfit I'd wear to just hang out, go to a park, or go shopping with friends. The muscle tank is light and breathable, and the dungarees are short. I love the dip-dyed effect this particular pair has. Although a beanie is not exactly the most practical summer head accessory, I couldn't resist the cute "bad hair day" text. Doc Martens keep the grunge feel going strong, and I adore the way this black & white satchel plays along with the monochromatic theme.
top: wildfox; dungarees: river island; doc martens: urban outfitters; cambridge-esque satchel:; beanie: etsy; sunnies: etsy

Even though I am essentially a cat lady, I enjoy putting together date outfits? (don't judge meee) I think lace is very classic and feminine, therefore perfect for a date setting. However, I don't enjoy total primness and propriety, so I paired it with this perforated varsity jacket (which could provide some warmth in a chilly theater, but wouldn't overheat outdoors) and hi-top sneakers to add some sporty vibes. To enforce the femininity, which would otherwise be lost, I chose this sweet quilted bag with a chain strap to allow for unconstrained movement. 
dress: topshop; jacket:; sneakers: puma; bag: forever 21; lipstick: nyx matte lipstick in nude

backyard party/barbecue
I though that maybe black and I should take a little break, so I tried to use color in this outfit. Red is a flattering shade on a variety of skin tones, and this little number is a gorgeous way to flash some skin without being very revealing. The decolletage is a lovely area to show off for those stepping into the waters of skin exposure. I mirrored the cutouts of the dress with cutouts in the sandals, which are a nice tan color. To reemphasize the red, I added a red and white striped bag and reddish heart glasses. A white floral crown provides the final touch, deformalizing (along with the other accessories) the relatively formal dress.
dress:; shoes: charlotte russe; bag: sole society; sunglasses:; floral crown:; bronzer: h&m

This is closer to what I might wear for my friend's sweet sixteen, as it's more dressy. Formal/semi-formal dresses are tricky, as it seems like you need to get a new one for every occasion. What I love about this dress, however, is its unlimited use value. I can wear a shirt over it to make it a maxi skirt in the summer, layer tights under it in the fall and winter, or wear a light sweater over it in the spring. Back to the present outfit, however, I defined the waist with this lovely golden belt. Because black is my favorite color (or shade, whatever) I went with black cateye sunnies and strappy black heels for a minimalist feel. However, I didn't entirely drown the outfit in colorlessness; the bright red Lana-del-Rey-esque floral crown is quite the pop of color.
dress:; belt: asos; heels: zara; clutch:; sunnies:; floral crown: asos

Congratulations, we have arrived at the final outfit. This dress is quite formal, but is also unconventional, and not overly feminine. I personally, am not really a dress person, so when I do wear one, I want it to have some edge. The statement mirrored pattern is quite the edge in this case. To play along with the gorgeous color scheme, I paired the shift dress with a coral tribal patterned clutch and colorblocked heels. And to make sure the outfit is eclectic, not overwhelming, I toned down some of the craziness with a basic white blazer and watch.
dress:; clutch: ann taylor; heels: amazon; blazer: h&m; watch: guess

Once again, I hope you gained some inspiration/enjoyed this post. I usually save my posts for Tuesdays (cause I just like consistency - what a nut, I know) but I just thought I'd get this out there since we are already well into the summer. A new post should be up this Tuesday, and I'll also hopefully have a post on what I do end up wearing to my friend's sweet sixteen. c:


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