Wednesday, July 31, 2013

outfit @ stanford
top: rose bowl flea market; leggings: kohls; bag: marshall's; lips: revlon just bitten kissable lipstain in 005 crush
hoover tower @ stanford
cathedral @ stanford
goodies from douce france (an adorable joint close to stanford): grilled vegetable panini, mixed berry tart, chocolate-coated lemon cookie
t-rex skull at uc berkeley
random building at uc berkeley 
driving towards metford, oregon (oregon is such a pretty state!)


flowers @ crater lake visitor center
crater lake
wizard island in the middle of crater lake
peace from crater lake

I apologize for the lack of postage lately, but as made evident by this post, I was in San Jose/Metford/Portland last week, therefore was without consistent Internet access. However, I am here now, and posting should be relatively regular* from now on.

ANYWAYS, we drove to San Jose, and stayed there for two nights. On Day 1, we visited Stanford as well as a place called Winchester's Mystery House, which I have no photos of, as they have anti-publication policies. It was huge and absolutely insane, for a lady named Sarah Winchester kept constructing the house for most of her life. She thought that the spirits of people killed by the Winchester gun (her husband's company) were coming for her after the untimely deaths of her newborn daughter and husband. Someone told her that if she continued to build the house forever, the spirits would be kept away. She also fortified the house with "booby traps," such as windows in the floor, to confuse the spirits.

On Day 2, we visited UC Berkeley, or Cal, as it is commonly referred to. It's an absolutely lovely campus, though the surrounding city of Berkeley is somewhat frightening what with the high concentration of hippies. We also went to UC Davis, but I didn't find the campus that enthralling.

Coming to Day 3, the final day of this part, we left Davis, CA for Metford, OR. It was quite the drive, but I think it was well worth it. Oregon is absolutely gorgeous, with so many dense forests and pristine lakes (which there will be more of in tomorrow's post about the following 4 days.) Though it was a slight detour, we arrived at Crater Lake, OR, which was essentially the bluest lake I have ever seen. 7 million years ago, a mountain erupted, spreading ash as far north as Canada and as far east as Montana. Over the years, the crater left by the mountain gradually filled with water,  and from the chaos rose this serene lake.

Hope you enjoyed this travel type of post, and stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

*regular, meaning that I'll try to have one post every week, but the day of the week may change because school is starting next week (ugh.)
ROAD TRIP pt. 1: San Jose (CA), Stanford (CA), Berkeley (CA), Metford (OR)
11:57 PM

ROAD TRIP pt. 1: San Jose (CA), Stanford (CA), Berkeley (CA), Metford (OR)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

photo creds: Riya Sony

Yeah, I realize I have no makeup on, but it's summer, and it is freaking hot. Apologies if I look a little disheveled, as Riya and I took these photos right after drumline practice. x__x; As the summer drones on with its ceaseless heat, I find it necessary to dress simply to keep cool. I love the way the cobalt stripes pop against the mint shorts, and the Sperry-esque shoes give the outfit a preppy feel. These shorts are a size too big for me, hence the belt.
I hate California weather.

top: costco
high-wasited shorts: calvin klein (bought from sam's club though)
fake sperry's: margaritaville (bought from sam's club)
belt: marshall's
show your stripes
8:36 AM

show your stripes

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On a family trip through Morro Bay/Goleta/Santa Barbara, we stopped in a lovely town called Solvang. It's a Danish town, so all the bakery goods/gifts/etc. are themed to reflect the city's heritage. We were rushing through the city, because we were trying to get back home (4 hours away), so I didn't get too many full outfit shots, but I tried to make up for it with more detail shots and a shot of some lovely flowers that kind of match my pants? xD 
This outfit is essentially my traveling uniform; the jeans are soft and extremely comfortable, the shirt is very light, and the satchel is huge so as to accommodate all of life's necessities. 

top: company (that's seriously the brand's name c;)
jeans: kohl's
satchel: marshall's
oxfords: gifted
time keeps flyin' by
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time keeps flyin' by

Saturday, July 13, 2013

So I was recently invited to my best friend's sweet 16 party, and a horrifying thought occurred to me: what am I going to wear?! Even though we're almost midway through July, I thought it would be a grand occasion to create outfits I'd wear to various summer festivities. I actually do not have any other major get-togethers lined up besides the aforementioned, but even if I did, summer homework for 4 out of 5 AP classes I'm taking next year, marching band/drumline practice, and SAT prep would probably eliminate my chances of attending them. Anyways, hope you garner some inspiration~

casual get together
This is an outfit I'd wear to just hang out, go to a park, or go shopping with friends. The muscle tank is light and breathable, and the dungarees are short. I love the dip-dyed effect this particular pair has. Although a beanie is not exactly the most practical summer head accessory, I couldn't resist the cute "bad hair day" text. Doc Martens keep the grunge feel going strong, and I adore the way this black & white satchel plays along with the monochromatic theme.
top: wildfox; dungarees: river island; doc martens: urban outfitters; cambridge-esque satchel:; beanie: etsy; sunnies: etsy

Even though I am essentially a cat lady, I enjoy putting together date outfits? (don't judge meee) I think lace is very classic and feminine, therefore perfect for a date setting. However, I don't enjoy total primness and propriety, so I paired it with this perforated varsity jacket (which could provide some warmth in a chilly theater, but wouldn't overheat outdoors) and hi-top sneakers to add some sporty vibes. To enforce the femininity, which would otherwise be lost, I chose this sweet quilted bag with a chain strap to allow for unconstrained movement. 
dress: topshop; jacket:; sneakers: puma; bag: forever 21; lipstick: nyx matte lipstick in nude

backyard party/barbecue
I though that maybe black and I should take a little break, so I tried to use color in this outfit. Red is a flattering shade on a variety of skin tones, and this little number is a gorgeous way to flash some skin without being very revealing. The decolletage is a lovely area to show off for those stepping into the waters of skin exposure. I mirrored the cutouts of the dress with cutouts in the sandals, which are a nice tan color. To reemphasize the red, I added a red and white striped bag and reddish heart glasses. A white floral crown provides the final touch, deformalizing (along with the other accessories) the relatively formal dress.
dress:; shoes: charlotte russe; bag: sole society; sunglasses:; floral crown:; bronzer: h&m

This is closer to what I might wear for my friend's sweet sixteen, as it's more dressy. Formal/semi-formal dresses are tricky, as it seems like you need to get a new one for every occasion. What I love about this dress, however, is its unlimited use value. I can wear a shirt over it to make it a maxi skirt in the summer, layer tights under it in the fall and winter, or wear a light sweater over it in the spring. Back to the present outfit, however, I defined the waist with this lovely golden belt. Because black is my favorite color (or shade, whatever) I went with black cateye sunnies and strappy black heels for a minimalist feel. However, I didn't entirely drown the outfit in colorlessness; the bright red Lana-del-Rey-esque floral crown is quite the pop of color.
dress:; belt: asos; heels: zara; clutch:; sunnies:; floral crown: asos

Congratulations, we have arrived at the final outfit. This dress is quite formal, but is also unconventional, and not overly feminine. I personally, am not really a dress person, so when I do wear one, I want it to have some edge. The statement mirrored pattern is quite the edge in this case. To play along with the gorgeous color scheme, I paired the shift dress with a coral tribal patterned clutch and colorblocked heels. And to make sure the outfit is eclectic, not overwhelming, I toned down some of the craziness with a basic white blazer and watch.
dress:; clutch: ann taylor; heels: amazon; blazer: h&m; watch: guess

Once again, I hope you gained some inspiration/enjoyed this post. I usually save my posts for Tuesdays (cause I just like consistency - what a nut, I know) but I just thought I'd get this out there since we are already well into the summer. A new post should be up this Tuesday, and I'll also hopefully have a post on what I do end up wearing to my friend's sweet sixteen. c:

Outfits for Summer Festivities
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Outfits for Summer Festivities

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I dearly love Americana, but I feel like 4th of July outfits can get tacky if overdone. I wanted a more subdued approach, so I just went with a classic white and blue striped tee and maroon skinnies. To add a little pizazz, I suppose, I tied the tee into a 90's knot. For outerwear, I had to do some layering with my leather jacket, because I was in the Bay Area of California (which is relatively cold.) I also chucked on some sunnies, because I absolutely loathe the bits of nature that seem to attack your retinas when it's windy out. Also, since I was traveling, I took these extremely comfortable nude oxfords that magically seem to go with everything. 

This however, was not my original outfit idea. I was going to wear this striped tee with maroon high-waisted shorts, black thigh highs, Doc Martens, and a patterned headwrap, but the weather in Morro Bay would not exactly cooperate, so there you have it.

p.s.: I'm not exactly sure why I'm finding all these primary colored walls, but I guess for someone that'll wear black until they invent a darker color, it provides a nice contrast.

striped tee: costco
skinnies: h&m
leather jacket: that one local store OTL (sorry this jacket keeps showing up in every outfit post)
oxfords: gifted
sunnies: some pharmacy convention

red, white, and blue (subdued)
12:42 PM

red, white, and blue (subdued)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

intense coffee: black & white mocha

jc lita display at nordstrom
santa monica pier
pacific park on pier
ferris wheel + roller coaster on pier

market pavillion
look into my eyessss~

details at zara

hey look mirror selfie
So here's a quick recap in pixels of my trip to Santa Monica last weekend. I had a great time, and it was really inspiring to see the different street styles of people on 3rd Street Promenade. I also enjoyed the window displays of higher-end shops such as Louis Vuitton and 7 For All Mankind, as they were all so unique. I also made some purchases (eep!) so I'll be doing a blog post on them soon hopefully. c: 

Santa Monica Travelin'
9:40 PM

Santa Monica Travelin'