Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I've been repping a lot of H&M lately, as I adore how classic, yet fashion forward their pieces are. These H&M pants could transform from office wear (with a white button down, golden jewelry, and oxfords for example) to party wear (a black off the shoulder crop top, statement necklace, and pumps) quite easily. I also love this simple H&M necklace, it's so dainty and versatile! Check out Ashley Yu of not-haute rocking hers for some other outfit ideas. Because I went with such statement trousers, I gravitated towards this basic tee. I honestly don't know where it's from, as I found it in my drawer one fine day, but I'm sure you could find something like it at anywhere from good ol' Dollar Tree to Bloomingdales.
Check out what I did in Santa Monica~

top: found in my closet idk
pants: H&M
leather jacket: some local store
necklace: H&M
(lololol let's take a moment to appreciate my lack of descriptiveness)

pull me back to earth
9:45 PM

pull me back to earth

Friday, June 21, 2013

opening post! > <
Hi, my name's Kripa, as the "meet the author" section might suggest. I am also kind obsessed with the color black, as evident here. I love the way the black leather reigns in the craziness of the palm-patterned shorts. (Which btw, tie in to summer's tropical trend.) This Paris crop top is also amazing and super soft! *u* A cute variation of this outfit would be tropical shorts + white crop top + converse + gold chain necklace.

paris crop top: ross
shorts: vintage
jacket: small local store (i forgot the name! D:)
tights: target
lipstick: nyx soft matte lip cream in monte carlo

[photo creds: Riya Sony]
those palms and firs that grew in your garden // are falling down // and nearing the rosebeds
10:11 PM

those palms and firs that grew in your garden // are falling down // and nearing the rosebeds